Real Legoland


Established in 1994, Real Legoland have had a turbulent history in Legoland football. The club were expelled from the league in 2004 with the football association’s fledgling policy of “Legoisation” starting to spread its tentacles.

The team found refuge in the ND Land game and with the club’s rebranding in 2008 the LFA readmitted the team into the league. An expansion of Serie A in 2009 resulted in the Whites being awarded top flight status.

Real Legoland’s potential for success has dramatically increased after the leading television firm in Legoland, NTL, purchased the club in May 2009.


Founded: 1994
Based: Davidium
Ground: Brickabeu (590 seats)
Owner: Albrey Pillon
Sponsor: Network Television Legoland