Piecelat Panthers

Piecelat Panthers were among the first clubs to be taken over by the so-called “forfig nouveau riche” in the late 2000s when Kilimanlego entrepreneur Jon Voi launched a successful takeover of the club. “The Polite Decliner” as he is known for his transfer wheeling and dealing, has guided the Thregian
based club since taking over the reins.

Piecelat Panthers have had a turbulent few years with rebranding of both club name and ground during the 2010 to 2011 Legoisation Programme instigated by the Legoland Football Association.

In a 2010 bid to raise funds, the club sold the naming rights for the club and ground and a percentage of the club ownership to the dairy giant, the Piecelat Group. The dairy company own 35% of the franchise but have a non-executive role in the running of the team.

The Piecelat Group injected £20m into the team in 2013 after the club became embroiled in a battle for Serie A survival.


Founded: 1994
Based: Thregian
Ground: Piecelat Dome (433 seats)
Owner: Jon Voi
Sponsor: Piecelat

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