CMLFA requirements

To successfully install and play the CMLFA you’ll need a PC that supports MS-DOS or an MS-DOS emulator to play this game.

As newer PC Operating Systems (eg Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP) do not typically support MS-DOS, if you have a newer PC, you should download the DOSBox below. DOSBox is free open-source software that can emulate MS-DOS.

CMLFA download files

To play CMLFA or load the LFA SuperLeague data files to view the current gameweek you’ll need to download the SuperLeague zip (17.8 MB), the DOSBox (4.3 MB) if required and follow the installation steps below.

CMLFA installation

Download the SuperLeague zip file. Unzip the downloaded file and copy and paste the nested CMLFA folder onto your local C drive. Download the DOSBox installer and run the installer file by clicking on the desktop shortcut to complete the installation process. Run DOSBox by double-clicking on the DOSBox shortcut. The MS-DOS dialog window will open.

Type the following DOS commands mount c c:\cmlfa and then press ENTER. It should state that Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\cmlfa\

Type the following c: and then press ENTER

Type the following cm2e16 and then press ENTER.

The game should now load.

To load the LFA SuperLeague, select the game entitled 2013-14 (you will need to have installed the Latest data files to have this option).

To play a new game select New Game and then Italian League. Click Done and give your game a name before loading.

Note: When in DOXBox you may need to unlock the mouse to return back to your PC desktop. To do this you’ll need to press the CTRL and F10 keys together. If you have any problems, please feel free to email

Note: All software is provided as Freeware under condition that it is not for commercial use or re-sale. CMLFA is copyright 2014 Legoland Football Association.


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