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Why takeover a team?

Annoyed at Legoland FC’s arrogance? Want to see the Celebs fail again? Think the pigs at Inter Police could be better managed? Taking over and managing a team allows you to select the starting line-up, hire and fire managers, delve into the transfer market, agree sponsorship deals with companies from a host of minifig nations, make or lose real cash (optional), and publicly hit out at other rival clubs, managers and players. Best of all, however, owning a team gives you a LEGO team of your own to root for!

How do I takeover a team?

It’s easy to take control of a LFA SuperLeague franchise. All that is required is to use the Team Picker Tool to acquire an available team. Following your acquisition of a team you will be given a minifig (a LEGO person) that will represent you, the team’s owner in the Empire of Legoland.

Acquiring a team in Legoland involves the purchase of the team using the Empire’s national currency known as Legoland Pounds. The purchase cost of a team is typically millions of Legoland Pounds and this figure plus Legoland bank charges will be put onto the team’s balance sheet going forward.

How are team results calculated?

All players in the Legoland football league have skill ratings based on their playing abilities set by The Clever Bit simulator and these, along with other factors such as a team’s historical home and away track record, current form, tactics and manager ability are used to simulate a team’s score in each of the league’s 30 rounds. You can view player ratings and clubs by downloading the latest LFA Essential file.

How do I manage my team?

Managing your club is done using Excel and email and involves as much or as little interaction as you want. Buying and selling players is done using fictional LEGO money. The latest LFA Essential file in conjunction with the league’s tables and results on the Minifig provides all the key info you will need to manage your new team.

Loko! Help me decide! Serie A or Serie B?

Serie A
The Serie A season sees each team play each other twice over 30 gameweeks to determine the Serie A champions. The champions and 2nd and 3rd placed teams at the end of the season earn entry into the lucrative international club competition, the Minifig Gold Cup, for the following season. The bottom 3 placed teams at the end of the Serie A season are relegated to the Serie B division for the next season.

The main benefit of managing a Serie A club is that it is the top league in Legoland and allows your team battle for the national football league title and qualify for the Minifig Gold Cup. Results and tables for each gameweek are posted online on the Minifig

The main disadvantage is that a very limited number of Serie A teams are typically available to manage and so these teams tend to cost a lot more LEGO fictional bucks to acquire than teams from the Serie B.

Serie B
The Serie B season sees each team play each other twice over 30 gameweeks to determine what 3 teams get promoted to Serie A and what 1 unlucky team gets relegated to non leagues and wiped from memory. The top, 2nd and 3rd placed teams at the end of the season earn promotion and play in Serie A the following season. The bottom team at the end of the Serie B season is relegated to the non league for the next season.

The main disadvantage of managing a Serie B club is that results and tables for each gameweek are not posted online. An updated simplified league table is posted online but only at periodic intervals throughout the season.

The real advantage of Serie B is that alot of teams are available to manage and so the LEGO fictional money pricetags for clubs from this division reflects this fact.

Loko’s suggestion
Go for a Serie A team unless you are patient or crazy enough to wait for promotion!