The junta’s smiling face keeps smiling as power is further consolidated day-by-day

Deeds (left) is the smiling face of the new regime

Deeds (left) is the smiling face of the new regime

Little is yet known of the junta that seized power from the democratically elected Hall of Minifigs in February but this: Fred Deeds is a happy fig. Understood to have been a key minifigure in the February Coup, the PBR national has adopted Legoland as his new home and forged a iron-clad tie with the Imperial Army’s top generals.

Sources purported to be close to the junta’s leadership claim that Deeds has been accepted into the Imperial Army’s “Inner Circle” and may well influence the direction the Empire takes both at home and abroad. if true, the PBR and the Federation of Legopolis may have much to fear as the leaders of the two powers rallied against Deeds during the 7 Day War that racked Rulandstin in 2013.

As for the junta as a whole, its direction is unclear. The former Prime Minister and his cabinet remain locked away “for their own protection” and the Hall of Minifigs remains closed to members of political parties. The army are an ever present scene on the streets of Davidium whilst rumours persist that a migration to “Talbotan”, new unsettled lands in the East, is imminent.

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