Mugshots of Caprican spies released amid shocking “burying the hatchet” revelation

The two spies are reportedly being held at a secret location in Davidium

The two spies are reportedly being held at a secret location in Davidium

Prince Christian and Princess Grace were attempting to “bury the hatchet” in the skull of a prominent Legoland politician according to confessions from the two Caprican subversives the Intelligence Service has announced. A statement from the Mind Police explained that the former diplomats “broke down” after continued questioning overnight to “spill the bricks”.

“The two finally admitted sinister thinking against the Empire and of fantasizing about attacking the state with a Collectible Minifigure Series 6 butcher’s cleaver”, the statement read.

The revelations have shocked the Empire with calls for retribution coming strongest, not surprisingly, from the Hall of Minifigs. Politicians from all sways were cohesive in their repugnance that one of them could have been the target of an assassination plot, and worse than that, an assassination plot involving a Series 6 butcher’s cleaver.

“I’m appalled. A cleaver. Who are these people? Barbarians I say”, said Art Villiers, Effective Minifig Union MP for Medalin. PM Julian Halliday was unavailable to comment yet it is believed he was startled by the news.


  1. Outside observer

    hehe Caprican thuggery and deception appears to know no limits. Now spies in the Empire! When will they learn to live peacefully and stop threatening other nations? This is a rhetorical question. We are wondering when it will be our time.

  2. Thomas Power

    Love the funny pic! Nice job 🙂

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