Empire invades neighbouring Paradistan to ensure peace

Imperial Army have faced some resistance in Wanbar region

Imperial Army have faced some resistance in Wanbar region

The Empire of Legoland has launched a full-scale invasion of the under-developed country of Paradistan after the country’s ruling hippies foolishly refused to accept peaceful political annexation. With Imperial Army forces overrunning the border settlement of Atolle, the second largest urban area in the nation, a swift advance on the capital Arecales is anticipated.

Local media outlets have reported dozens of civilian deaths following Imperial Army Air Service bombardments of the towns and villages in the Carpetan region of northern Paradistan.

The invasion comes as the Empire flexes its muscles ahead of a possible “Cultural War” with the Capricas with tensions across Panterra rising ever further. Nearby states, Duplostan and Dactastan, have welcomed the invasion. Dactastan state media have called the Paradistan minifig populace “surfing bums of little worth” in recent times and ill-feeling between the two neighbours is well documented. The femfig dominated government of Belvistan however called on the Minifigure Union to intervene immediately to ensure “no illegal land grab” occurs, a typical pointless appeal from the biased Belviums who view Paradistan as a “sister-state”.

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