Capital grinds to halt after bomb threats received by RTL

The telephone warning was purportedly made by minifig with "Caprican accent"

The telephone warning was purportedly made by a minifig with a “Caprican accent”

Bomb warnings telephoned to RTL this evening has brought the City to a standstill, causing extreme transport congestion. Three mainline railway stations were evacuated, stretches of railway lines were suspended and the Imperial Station, the Empire’s busiest on the rail network, were cleared after warnings were received at 5.15pm. Experts combed the stations for suspect devices.

Although the finger of blame appeared to initially point in the direction of the Legoban, who have been waging a “dirty” war against the state and citizens of the City, a short information statement from the Ministry of Truth confirmed Caprican involvement. “A telephone call was received at 17:15 hours by the state broadcaster, RTL. The caller was a male minifigure with a strong Caprican accent and user of Caprican lexicon. The Empire Police are investigating.”

The bomb threat came as talks between the Empire and the Kingdom of the Capricas stalled. The talks, aimed at solving substantial differences between the respective governments, are being held in the PBR but have been characterised by Caprican pretentiousness . This evening’s development may well further derail the talks according to political analysts.

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