EDB accusation of “not sharing” makes “Son of God” furious at “complete exaggeration”

Everyone Deserves Bricks MP Richard Boss has accused independent election hopeful Jesus of “not sharing” his time fairly when it comes to Castleland’s Roman population. The accusation has been immediately rebuffed by the self-declared deity.

“Boss should know that spreading lies to make political gain is a foolhardy way to live from seed to tree. My heart is against no minifigure regardless of their race or creed. All know this. My father shall welcome into heaven with open arms all those who give me their vote in the general election.”

Jesus came under-fire from Boss after saying he preferred Aztecs over Romans in an interview he gave with with HIYA! magazine last month. JC apparently joked that Romans had not treated him so good in a past life and he would prefer to share his spare time with Aztecs.

The femfig publication has since been banned by the Castleland provincial ruler Lord Denarius who is eager to placate the ever growing population of Roman minifigs. According to central government statistics, since December 2012 nearly 200 Romans have migrated to the region and they are now the province’s single largest tribal group.

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